Complete the Look: Junk Underjeans

Junk Underjeans is at the forefront of athletic underwear. For Complete the Look: Junk Underjeans, we’ve selected a curated look perfect for your daily workout routine using a color combination appropriate for all seasons. Check out our latest installment of Complete the Look: Junk Underjeans. Working out never looked so good! First, we start off with […]

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The Athlete Underwear Connection

Maybe you’ve seen the Hanes ads starring Michael Jordan lately… the ones where the famed basketball player espouses the virtues of the brands new Tagless briefs. If you haven’t, you’ve no doubt seen the countless other ads featuring famous athletes sponsoring their favorite undies over the years. One wonders, why the prominence of athletes in underwear advertising?

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Adidas Marches Into March Madness

The first games of March Madness, the college basketball tournament, are being played this week in Dayton, Ohio. In an attempt to further raise awareness for its underwear, Adidas is marching select players onto the court with Adidas Sport Performance Boxer Briefs. Although there’s no word on what players, or teams for that matter, will […]

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More About Adidas Underwear

Adidas Underwear is one facet of the many-sided German apparel company that is Adidas. A notable footwear company, Adidas was founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, the namesake for the brand. Adi, a nickname for Adolf, and Das, short for Dassler, were put together to form the name “Adidas” (contrary to the widespread rumor of the name being an acronym for  “All Day I Dream About Sex”). Eventually becoming a well-rounded athletic clothing company in addition to their popular shoe collection, the brand included Adidas Underwear as part of its mission to become the outstanding global leader in the sporting goods industry.

Adidas Underwear focuses around the needs of the athlete, and truly commits to the to athletic lifestyle. As an innovative athletic brand, Adidas Underwear believes in the constant, never-ending improvement of the collective quality of their products’ look, feel and fit. The brand definitely provides the bold and masculine athletic look, while still assuring athletes that their Adidas Underwear provides incomparable fit and support, satisfying any athlete’s needs. Adidas’ men’s underwear is one of the best brands out there as far as producing sports underwear for men, and Adidas Underwear continues to be a global leader in underwear for all-around athletic needs, while never sacrificing a cool, bold and masculine look to their brand.