Bold Stripes for All Types

Make a statement! Take a linear approach to prints with bold stripes for your wardrobe. Whether it’s breton, pinstripe or chevron, stripes will always be in vogue, and it’s no secret that bold stripes are one of the most flattering prints for all body types. Since we at The Underwear Expert think that the underwear makes the […]

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More About 2eros

2eros is an Australian swimwear and underwear brand that aims to deliver style and consistent quality. Launched in June 2008 by Jason Hoeung, who studied graphic design at KVB Institute of Design and grew up with parents who owned a clothing company, 2eros thrives internationally in both the swimwear and underwear industries.

Boasting a strong connection to the “Australian lifestyle,” the brand aims to provide underwear and swimwear for men that are “stylish, timeless and functional,” while avoiding and rejecting mediocrity. 2eros explores a variety of sexy and intriguing color palettes beyond the typical, mainstream choices, and aims to create consistently unique and strikingly fashionable designs.

Specifically in underwear, 2eros has released a variety of successful and stylish underwear collections including:
Day Racer
Night Racer
…and more.

Creator Jason Hoeung credits the success of his brand to the belief that his underwear can be athletic, while still being stylish and fashionable. The brand’s constant use of striking color choices and form-complementing cuts and fittings make it the ideal choice for any bold and stylish man. Hoeung describes his brand as being “synonymous with confidence,” and when wearing a pair of 2eros underwear, you’re sure to see exactly what he means.