Organic Underwear

The latest craze these days is to make sure that anything going into your body is natural and organic. But what about those things that go on top of your body? Organic underwear is your solution. Put simply, it’s underwear that is made of fabrics in their most natural form, with no harsh chemicals. By wearing organic underwear you are not only making a statement, but you’re telling the world you care about your underwear. Let’s look at the benefits that organic underwear can offer.

For starters, because it is all natural it’s also non-irritating. So if you have sensitive skin, it may be just what you need to stay supple and smooth in your most secret of areas. Also, since the fabrics have not been treated with any harsh chemicals, it can lower your risk of developing certain cancers. Think about it. All those chemicals rubbing on your bare skin cannot be healthy. Also, organic underwear lasts longer – like 5 times longer than the same material that has been treated with chemicals. It even tends to be more antimicrobial than its chemical fed counterparts.

Still not convinced? Organic underwear can be made out of any fabrics that aren’t synthetic. Cotton, jute, silk, ramie, and wool are some of the most popular materials used to make organic fabrics. We will admit that retailers tend to charge more for organic underwear compared to non-organic, but its resiliency may pay off in the end.