Mormon Underwear

It goes by many names: Temple Garment, Mormon Underwear, or Sacred Underwear. Some call it magical, some call it mystical, but Mormons simply call it underwear. Since surfacing in mainstream media, Mormon underwear has been speculated about by the masses. And why wouldn’t it? There are far too many Christians, Agnostics, Atheists (what have you) that dominate the mainstream for “magical underwear” to go by unnoticed. It’s about time a religion laid down the law when it comes to what goes in the top drawer, so we’re all about it.

Designed in two pieces to span from the bicep to just above the knee, Mormon underwear has become the most curious symbol of the faith. According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormon underwear serves as an outward expression of a Mormon’s inward commitment to the faith. And if you couldn’t tell by the amount of fabric, Mormon underwear also represents purity and modesty. So think of it like this: Mormon Underwear acts as a protective cup (if you will) for a Mormon’s spirituality and religiosity. It keeps you nice and protected from any harms that may befall you throughout your day.

If you were a Mormon, you would need to wear this garment night and day. Also, you would need to purchase it from a special church-owned store. But look on the bright side; this would eliminate that pesky question that must be answered daily: “What underwear should I wear today?” Easy! My Mormon underwear. Who knows! Maybe this is the key to success for famous Mormons like Mitt Romney and Stephenie Meyer.