Moisture Wicking Underwear

Moisture Wicking Underwear is an athlete’s best friend. Unlike the cottons of the world, certain fabrics are able to wick off moisture by literally taking your sweat and bringing it to the outside of the fabric. Moisture wicking underwear is meant to be extremely moisture resistant, as well as odor resistant. Below are some of the best materials to look for when shopping for moisture wicking underwear:

Acrylic: A synthetic fiber known for its wicking capabilities as well as strength and durability.

Bamboo: Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, bamboo fabric is light and strong. It has wicking properties, is somewhat antibacterial, and is perfect for those with allergic reactions.

COOLMAX®: COOLMAX® is a series of specially engineered polyester fabrics that are resistant to fading, wrinkling and shrinking. They wick wonderfully and are used a great deal for moisture wicking underwear.

Microfiber: Microfiber is any manufactured synthetic fiber (poly or nylon.) Fabrics made with Microfiber are light-weight, durable, and great for moisture wicking underwear.

Modal: Once considered an “artificial silk,” Modal is a type of Rayon and is smooth, soft and breathes extremely well. An extremely luxurious fabric, it’s cool to the touch, absorbent and similar in texture to Silk or Cotton. This fabric is ideal for moisture wicking underwear.

Polyester: An extremely durable synthetic fiber, Polyester has superb strength, resilience and generally does not wrinkle. It is quick drying, maintains shape and is known for its ability to hold color well, just in case you want some bright colored moisture wicking underwear!

Viscose: Viscose is the oldest manufactured fiber, and is ideal for intimate apparel. It is soft and lightweight, and provides exceptional wicking capabilities.