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Lace Underwear

Breaking News: Lace Underwear Spotted on Men Around the Globe
Lace Underwear is no longer just for women. That’s right ladies, you’re not the only ones that can reveal a little extra with this light weight and fun fabric. Although lace underwear for men is far from the mainstream, it is a sexy new trend that we hope will soon sweep men’s underwear drawers across the globe.

So why lace underwear and why now? First let’s look at the meaning of lace. It’s derived from the Latin word lacere, meaning to entice or ensnare. Lace was once a very popular adornment in furniture and fabrics (for both men and women), and it was not until recently (after the Industrial Revolution) that lace become more popular for the feminine sex. Lace became a popular characteristic of female lingerie (enticing and ensnaring men for decades), and it seems that it is not until recently that society and popular culture have discovered that men can be sexy in it as well. Gender norms are slowly being blurred together, and this is paving the way for lace underwear for men across the globe.

Some of the benefits of wearing lace underwear are that it’s extremely lightweight, breathable, sheer, and sexy as hell. If you don’t already own a pair, you can pick one up from any of these Underwear Expert recommended brands: Joe Snyder, BodyQ, Good Devil, XDress, Male Power, CandyMan and 3Wishes. For those of you that already own a pair of lace underwear, wear those sexy things with pride!