Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear has been the most widely used fabric in men’s underwear since as long as we can remember. It’s by far the most popular fabric for clothin in general, and for good reason. It’s reliable, comfortable and often eco-friendly. It even plays well with others! Cotton blends with almost all fabrics: Acrylic, Modal, Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Satin or Silk… The list goes on.

Check your drawer for cotton underwear. We’re sure most of your favorite pairs are cotton based. So then, when you think of cotton underwear, you should not just think traditional white briefs. Cotton underwear can come in a variety of colors and styles. But can cotton underwear be sexy? Well, it hasn’t steered Calvin Klein or Jockey wrong throughout the years.

Need even more incentive to place cotton on your bum? Cotton underwear is highly breathable. It lets you keep your man parts nice and cool in the summer due to the fact that it allows for a better free-flow of air. This breathability factor keeps you from sweating and helps you avoid jock itch (yuck!). It is also great if you happen to be allergic to latex. Buy cotton waistbands or use 100% cotton underwear and those latex induced rashes should clear right up. It is even said that wearing cotton underwear can increase your sperm count. Don’t believe The Underwear Expert? Ask your doctor.