Costume Underwear

Costume underwear is the hottest thing to come across our radar since Channing Tatum’s short lived career as a film stripper. No, we’re not talking about your Marvel Comics boxer shorts. In order to classify as costume underwear, your unmentionables must be worth mentioning. Whether you are putting your junk in a literal trunk or slipping into something a little more uncomfortable, costume underwear is all about grabbing attention by taking your underwear to the next level.

Here are some common styles that classify as costume underwear:

Animal Underwear – You could be an elephant, a giraffe, a flamingo, a rhino, etc… Really just any animal that has a lengthy feature about it.
Superhero Underwear – Superman, Batman, Robin, and Spiderman are the most common in costume underwear.
Loin Cloth – Simply go back to basics with a sexy Tarzan or caveman look. Just steer clear of steam grates or you may find yourself facing a ticket for indecent exposure.
Good and Evil – Feeling naughty? Slip on a pair of devilish briefs. Feeling nice? A white pair of angelic briefs would accent your halo quite nicely.

Obviously the list can go on and on. Want to be a sheriff, a cowboy, a prison inmate, the Easter Bunny? There’s a pair of costume underwear out there somewhere with your name on it. And don’t worry about whether its Halloween or not, costume underwear is guaranteed to thrill your significant other any time of the year.