Camo Underwear

Camouflage was originally created to serve one purpose: to keep you hidden. Whether hunting game in the wild or hiding from the enemy at war, camouflage was used to blend you in with your surroundings. Then the fashion industry got a hold of it, and its utility disappeared into the wilderness. Camo is now seen just as regularly in a metropolitan area as it is in a hunting lodge; in that spirit, camo underwear was born.

Long are the days of green and brown camo underwear. One of the ironic things about camo underwear these days is that it is often produced with vibrant colors like hot pink or neon green. So, obviously if you are wearing a pair of camo underwear it’s because you want to get noticed. And as nonsensical as that sounds, most every major underwear brand has dabbled with camo underwear: Diesel, Calvin Klein, Pikante, 2xist, Cover Male, Bodyaware, Timoteo, and Candyman are just a few examples of underwear brands for camo lovers.

But before you run off to fill your top drawer with camo, a slight disclaimer is necessary: this type of underwear may not be for everyone. Camo underwear (or any camouflaged apparel for that matter) comes with great responsibility. Once only for the most rugged of men and women–when you think camo you think of guns, military, hunting, and things like leather boots, right?—camo underwear now for everyone, still means business.