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True Notions Underwear

Innovative Underwear Designed To Last

True Notions is all about the details – the ones that separate good underwear from amazing underwear. With over 16 years of experience in manufacturing apparel, True Notions follows a mantra of quality over quantity. Tired of seeing companies focus on making profits instead of products designed to last, True Notions is known for designing high-quality underwear that’s made to be worn.

True Notions embraces innovation to create the ultimate form of men’s underwear. From their signature fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry, to the seamless stitching to make sure you have that extra level of comfort in an all-day wear, True Notions underwear has so many little details – all intended to get rid of the tiniest risk of uncomfortable wear.

Inspired by the classics, True Notions uses no branding and no prints on their underwear. They’re perfect for guys who want high-quality underwear that’s sharp, sophisticated and comfy. Whether you’re into boxer briefs or classic briefs, True Notions has a feel that’s unlike anything else.