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Skull & Bones Underwear

Say Goodbye to Conventional Men’s Underwear

Skull & Bones’ story is one about changing the underwear industry as we know it. Tired of boring tighty-whities and designs that were just way too gimmicky, Skull & Bones took on the mission of designing men’s underwear that’s creative, unique yet, still comfortable – and made for the men who wear them. Since 2015, Skull & Bones has been doing just that: creating contemporary designer underwear that’s unlike anything else.

Available in every fit, from the boxer brief with its complete coverage and full support, all the way to the thong with its freedom and minimal coverage — Skull & Bones underwear is designed to be worn by anyone and everyone. What’s different about Skull & Bones though is that every single fit is available in eye-catching prints that you won’t often see (when was the last time you saw a jockstrap with a fun print?)

But Skull & Bones is more than just witty prints. It’s a contemporary approach to designer underwear that’s fueled by innovation. If you’re looking for something subtle and collected, or you’re the guy who wants a print that’s bold and out there, Skull & Bones has options. And with cuts and fabric choices meant to provide the luxury comfort and support that every guy needs in his underwear, a pair of Skull & Bones underwear doesn’t just look good, they feel amazing too.