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Muchachomalo Underwear

Bad Boy With A Good Heart

Muchachomalo, when translated from Spanish, means “Bad Boy.” And although bad boys have a certain appeal, Muchachomalo underwear is far from bad. Sure, they’ve got all the attitude and personality you’d expect from such a name, but the Muchachomalo brand is renowned for its straight-laced commitment to creating high quality underwear that looks and feels great.

Muchachomalo’s range of underwear tells a story, with each collection having its own theme and identity. This approach gives the brand lots of depth and character – using a range of colors, tones and features in a way that’s not only creative, but also incredibly inventive.

In addition to lots stylish designs, Muchachomalo’s underwear is also comfortable and practical. A blend of cotton and elastane provides extra reinforcement without feeling too thick or heavy, while flat stitched seams prevent any discomfort from all-day wear. So if you’re looking for a boxer brief with a lot of personality, or an exclusive brief with that little bit of extra detail, Muchachomalo is the bad boy we all love deep down.