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Mosmann Underwear

Experience the Down Under Lifestyle in Comfortable, High-Quality Designer Underwear

The Mosmann brand reflects a new direction in men’s underwear: one that embraces personality and charisma alongside high-quality materials for a comfortable wear. Founded in the Sydney suburb of Mosman — which sits between the iconic Sydney Harbor and the pristine Northern Beaches — Mosmann’s designs are influenced by the area’s lifestyle of sun, sand and salt. Their use of light tones and summer-y prints evoke the feeling of relaxing in the sun & surf.

Mosmann underwear isn’t just about looks though. The brand embraces high quality materials to ensure that every pair feels comfortable and secure. Using fabrics like modal and bamboo textile, Mosmann’s innovative designers create underwear that moves with the wearer, while also being both supportive and breathable — regardless of whether you’re wearing a jockstrap or something with more coverage.

If you’re looking for that new pair of high-quality designer underwear that’s relaxed and easy-going (just like the Australian way of life,) there isn’t much like Mosmann underwear. Whether it’s looking for a print or a solid, there’s something right here for you waiting for your down under.