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Mack Weldon Underwear

Everyday Staples You Don’t See Everyday

Mack Weldon is at the forefront of underwear-innovation — reinventing everyday basics through attention to detail. From the tailoring of their underwear to provide a fit that feels natural, to their choice of high-quality materials, or even making their underwear tagless to prevent discomfort — Mack Weldon transforms ordinary men’s underwear into an extraordinary investment.

The philosophy of the Mack Weldon brand is simple: quality and consistency over quantity. Taking the long way around, Mack Weldon chose to develop and trial their own material blends and designs so as to create underwear that’s perfect in every way. This is seen in their 18-hour Jersey fabric, the fabric used to make every single pair. The team at Mack Weldon fuse cotton, beechwood modal, and elastane together, before letting the blend sit for 18 hours to naturally expand — allowing for maximum softness and comfort.

But every pair of Mack Weldon underwear features more than just a soft hand-feel. The brand embraces new technologies and developments to engineer underwear that’s breathable and supportive, while preventing any bunching or twisting. From the boxer brief to the brief, Mack Weldon underwear is known for simple designs that feel good to wear. No bright lights or distractions—just absolute comfort.