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Jack Adams Underwear

Confident, Modern Underwear For Confident, Modern Guys

Jack Adams underwear sits at the point where athletic and performative wear meets contemporary, stylish design. The result is bold and confident underwear that meet the demands of bold and confident guys. Founded in 2010 in Portland, Oregon, Jack Adams is inspired by the city’s rugged backdrop, as well as its modern culture and identity.

The key feature of Jack Adams’ underwear is its performative nature. With material blends and specially-crafted silhouettes, Jack Adams underwear allows for a wear that’s able to handle whatever you might throw its way. Whether that be a pair for the gym, a pair for sport or just something to handle your busy lifestyle — it doesn’t matter. This underwear will handle it and them some. Jack Adams doesn’t ignore modern tastes nor modern guys. The brand embraces contemporary design in its collections, with a strong use of colors and prints alongside stylings not typically seen in this realm of athletic underwear, like their take on men’s thongs for example.

Jack Adams describes itself as being defined by the men who wear it. And that’s exactly it — strong, versatile underwear that’s just as stylish as it is practical. Designed for strong, versatile men who know what they want and need from their underwear. When you’re looking for underwear that’s as fashionable as it is sporty, you know you’re in the right place here.