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Diesel Underwear

Iconic & Stylish Underwear for Men

Diesel’s reputation as a fashion label is undeniable. Their style, heritage and influence on contemporary designer fashion is known across the world. And it’s this iconic reputation that makes Diesel men’s underwear a collection that we think you’d be very excited about.

Although Diesel was established in 1978, their arrival on the men’s underwear scene didn’t happen until 2007, and that decision has led to some pretty iconic fits. Diesel underwear comes in a variety of different styles – from the more traditional minimalist, all the way to vibrant and bold collections. Keen on the importance of feeling comfortable, Diesel’s collection prioritizes the wearing experience with cotton blends that feel amazing, as well as well-constructed pouches and waistbands that provide a supportive, fitted wear.

If you’re looking for an everyday brief, an exciting thong, or something in between, Diesel underwear has a variety of different styles for you to choose from — allowing you to not only have some everyday staples, but a few special ones as well. Each pair lives up to the brand’s reputation — making them perfect additions to your wardrobe, or maybe for someone you know.