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Cin2 Underwear

Where Modern Technology Creates Modern Underwear

Cin2 underwear is unlike anything you’ve worn before. With the brand’s pursuit for reform and quality, Cin2 has developed a reputation as one of the world’s best premium men’s underwear labels.

Created in 2005 by Gregory Sovell (following his time at 2XIST), Cin2 is driven by a philosophy of forward momentum – to continuously improve on men’s underwear, to redefine its potential for fashion, function, and comfort, and to not only prevent imitation, but to help contribute to the future of underwear. In pursuit of those ideals, Cin2 focuses on exactly how underwear is worn. Not only in fit, but in its style as well – and in turn, showing everyone exactly what contemporary underwear should be.

This philosophy is reflected in every single one of Cin2’s collections, which provide options to meet everyone’s personal taste. From thongs to briefs, each pair of Cin2 men’s underwear is designed with key features in mind. Whether that be for the guy who needs a pair from Monday to Friday, the guy who needs that pair to make the gym experience more comfortable, or just for something stylish to wear — CIN2 taps into what men need from their underwear and quickly finds an answer.

If you’re looking for your next pair, but you’re not sure exactly what you need in underwear, Cin2 is more than just a “maybe.” It’s a definite.