EXCLUSIVE: The Underwear Expert Talks to Shaun Cole

We caught up with Shaun Cole, lecturer at the London College of Fashion and author of multiple books on the history of men’s fashion including, most interestingly for us, one called The Story of Men’s Underwear. Shaun Cole discussed the history and modernization of men’s underwear and why it’s more popular now than every before. […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Cover Male Launches

The Underwear Expert has an inside look at a new underwear brand and based on the images and the underwear we’ve seen, it looks like a feisty new player could emerge in the men’s underwear industry this year. Cover Male, established in 2011 and launched in January of this year, has three collections (Sports, Casual-wear […]

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Austin, Texas based underwear brand, jake joseph, was founded in 2008 by Jake Joseph. The brand infuses “a modern approach to classic garments,” Joseph told The Underwear Expert, and has a simple mission: “to create loyalists.” Since 2008, jake joseph underwear has released only two lines with minimal updates, but the brand is already sold in […]

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Man Behind The Brand: Dan Murray of Sly Underwear

Embodying Australia’s flamboyant and progressive youth culture, Dan Murray’s Sly underwear has fast become one of the most well-known Australian underwear brands.  In less than 12 months, Sly’s account base has grown to include over 250 retailers on four continents.  The allure of the brand lies in its colorful energy, and the success of the […]

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Underwear Talk from the Industry’s Best

The Underwear Expert‘s Shop Talk is loaded with underwear talk and opinions from all of the movers and shakers in the men’s underwear industry. Shop Talk is also your gateway to new brands and often includes exclusive conversations and commentary with creators, founders and designers. The men’s underwear articles found in this section come directly from the people who make the magic (and probably the underwear you’re wearing right now).
In Shop Talk, you’ll find underwear talk about:

Contributions to this section come from all over the world, too, keeping you right on top of global underwear talk in this exciting industry. We speak with brand’s about trends and popular designs in different countries and differences in underwear marketing around the world. In addition to industry opinions and commentary, we invite every viewer to contribute to our underwear talk by commenting on the articles and asking questions. Adding your two cents to the underwear talk dialogue helps us and the brands know how our readers feel about the goings on in the men’s underwear industry.
Want some underwear talk that we haven’t featured yet? Let us know who you want to hear from, what you want to know, and we’ll get you the talk you need!