Wood Underwear: Timeless

Teresa Zimmerman got into the men’s underwear industry for an interesting reason: her husband asked her to. And, when she did, the former technology and commodities brand marketing professional quickly found there was a problem in the marketplace. Example one: her husband couldn’t find a nice pair of underwear.

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Jake Joseph Trouser Boxers

A tailored Oxford shirt is a classic, manly piece of clothing, something that any guy recognizes as truly up there in terms of masculine style. Until now, though, there hasn’t been a comparable garment in the underwear department, which is odd considering how central to any outfit or wardrobe a man’s underwear can be.

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SHOP TALK: Soleone Talks Bamboo

Plenty of of underwear companies are offering bamboo or other eco materials these days, but not many of them are doing it in such style and comfort as Soleone. (You can pronounce it either [sol.WUN] or [so.le.OWN]. Romaeo Jahroudi and Naz Bahyani are the brains behind this operation, and we caught up with Jahroudi to ask him what Soleone is all about.

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Man Behind The Brand: Joel Primus Talks Naked

Joel Primus is the rare entrepreneur with a good heart — not only did he found an underwear company in part to provide an unparalleled fabric softness inspired by underwear he found while on a trip to Peru, but his company partners with local nonprofits to fund their good works. In an exclusive interview with The Underwear Expert, he bares all.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Origin of the JockBrief

In the men’s underwear industry, real style innovations are few and far between. That’s why, when the JockBrief first showed up in Baskit’s 2009 collection, it was literally snapped up immediately. People could tell that it was destined to join the exalted ranks of the standard cuts, alongside the jockstrap, the trunk and the boxer brief.

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Australian Croota En Route to States

Croota, one of Australia’s most dynamic brands (it’s known for their fantastic hipster cut–think half way between a brief and trunk), is about to move some of its operations to the United States, in a response to increased stateside sales. Since it was founded in Sydney, Australia in July 2006 and has continually emphasized its […]

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Got Wood Got Funding

Got Wood, a bamboo fiber boxer brief range recently launched by Wild Horse Clothing, Ltd., a British underwear company, just received a cash infusion of £20,000 from a top Morgan Stanley banker. Anthony Abis discovered the luxurious bamboo fiber when he ran a corporate workwear firm, but couldn’t spread the textile as far as he […]

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EXCLUSIVE: A Conversation With MeUndies

MeUndies is a new underwear player and the second startup to emerge from Science, a “technology studio” that leverages capital from the likes of ex-Myspace CEO Mike Jones to accelerate the development of new innovative concepts.  The L.A. based start-up designs, manufactures and sells their designs by way of two trending retail strategies in the […]

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Underwear Talk from the Industry’s Best

The Underwear Expert‘s Shop Talk is loaded with underwear talk and opinions from all of the movers and shakers in the men’s underwear industry. Shop Talk is also your gateway to new brands and often includes exclusive conversations and commentary with creators, founders and designers. The men’s underwear articles found in this section come directly from the people who make the magic (and probably the underwear you’re wearing right now).
In Shop Talk, you’ll find underwear talk about:

Contributions to this section come from all over the world, too, keeping you right on top of global underwear talk in this exciting industry. We speak with brand’s about trends and popular designs in different countries and differences in underwear marketing around the world. In addition to industry opinions and commentary, we invite every viewer to contribute to our underwear talk by commenting on the articles and asking questions. Adding your two cents to the underwear talk dialogue helps us and the brands know how our readers feel about the goings on in the men’s underwear industry.
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