Save Your Ass with the Croota Hipster

Croota offers a comprehensive collection of men’s underwear including the usual favorites like briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks. They manufacture something else, however, that not only sets them apart but accounts for half of their overall sales. The brand, launched in 2006, specializes in the Hipster cut, which is more or less a hybrid of both the brief and the trunk. What truly sets this style apart is the combination of the style, sewing and accents which work together to lift and separate your ass[ets].

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ALL PLAYERS: Q&A with Rick Day

Few photographers can cause an immediate guttural response to a picture of a man in his underwear. Rick Day? Yeah, he can do that. We interview the famed photographer on everything from his fondest photo shoot memory, to how to keep a nude man comfortable while getting his photo taken.

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Underwear Talk from the Industry’s Best

The Underwear Expert‘s Shop Talk is loaded with underwear talk and opinions from all of the movers and shakers in the men’s underwear industry. Shop Talk is also your gateway to new brands and often includes exclusive conversations and commentary with creators, founders and designers. The men’s underwear articles found in this section come directly from the people who make the magic (and probably the underwear you’re wearing right now).
In Shop Talk, you’ll find underwear talk about:

Contributions to this section come from all over the world, too, keeping you right on top of global underwear talk in this exciting industry. We speak with brand’s about trends and popular designs in different countries and differences in underwear marketing around the world. In addition to industry opinions and commentary, we invite every viewer to contribute to our underwear talk by commenting on the articles and asking questions. Adding your two cents to the underwear talk dialogue helps us and the brands know how our readers feel about the goings on in the men’s underwear industry.
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