TOF Paris Mesh Shorts

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Flatter your butt like never before when you slip on the TOF Paris Mesh Shorts.

Polyethylene is a wonder of a fabric: it’s smooth, moisture-resistant, dries quickly, and is so lightweight, it can practically float on water. Plus, it’s recyclable! So, plenty of reasons to love this short.

You’ve got a waistband reinforced with an adjustable drawstring, so you can wear it as tightly or as loosely as you like. Because this short curls up on the sides for a marathon-style cut, you have a wide range of motion to stretch, lunge, and squat with ease. You’ve got a subtle pop of branding right of center, plus contrast trim in black and a handy pocket on your right cheek for the bare necessities. Because this pair is perforated, it’s a primo option for the beach: sand shakes out of this bad boy real easy.

Wear this pair to the gym to keep that dreaded swamp ass at bay, or whenever you want your butt to really pop. Need we say more?

  • Low-rise fit — sits just below your natural waistline
  • Soft and stretchy feel — thanks, polyethylene
  • Elastic waistband — drawstrings for the win

100% Polyethylene

Care Instructions

Machine wash, cold (up to 30-40°C); low-heat dryer

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