Men’s Underwear Brands

Below are a list of Men’s Underwear Brands that we’ve covered. The underwear brand list is updated daily so check back often. If you’re looking for a mens underwear brand that isn’t listed, please contact us. The Ultimate Men’s Underwear Brands Resource There are over 200 men’s underwear brands across the globe, and The Underwear […] Read More

Cellblock13 Torque Jockstrap

The Cellblock13 Torque Jockstrap reflects its namesake, conveying a sense of strength, power, and virility. Embracing bold, but complementing, tones, highlighted by sharp and sleek waistband detailing, the Torque Jockstrap features thick straps, a contoured, seamed pouch, and a low-rise, enhancing the male figure entirely, while also providing ample support and a firm fit. The […] Read More

This Week In Men’s Underwear: May 24th – June 1st 2015

Pride month is upon us, check out sexy Pride themed styles, as well as more new releases! Check out this Week In Men’s Underwear: May 24th – June 1st, 2015:

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