Toasty Hot, Long Underwear

Anyone that lives in a place where winter isn’t palm trees and boardshorts will appreciate these.  Toast Heated Clothing has released a new line of long underwear that stays warm for up to 12 hours.  The patented new system uses heat packs to keep the body’s core warm with heat packs that sit in pockets […]

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Canadian Underwear Brings Sexy Back to Baby Making

It’s long been known that tight, hot underwear decreases fertility in men.  That said, we may have just found the perfect pair of underwear for hopeful fathers looking to increase their sperm count.  Canadian fertility expert Dr. Spence Pentland and momprenuer Chantal Pentland have designed a line of underwear, STUD, in hopes of decreasing the 40% of infertility […]

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In Times of Uncertainty, Heroes Will Rise

The subtext is clear enough for Diesel’s just launched line of superhero underwear… Giving average men the world over super powers through boxer briefs, this line is excellent cross promotion for DC Comics, Warner Brothers, and Diesel, a clever ploy to get men to embrace and collect their skivvies like they did when they were […]

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The Latest Underwear for Men

For some, knowing about the latest underwear for men is just as important as what underwear goes on in the morning. With The Underwear Expert, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the game: our new arrival announcements keep you up to date on new releases and everything you need to know about the latest underwear for men.
In The Underwear Expert‘s comprehensive new arrivals section, you’ll find information on the latest underwear for men including: 

  • Collection announcements.
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  • Seasonal releases.
  • Fashion releases.
  • Exclusive underwear announcements.

There are over 200 men’s underwear brands around the world, and The Underwear Expert covers nearly all of them. That said, we’re comfortable saying that nearly everything you need to know about the latest underwear for men is right here, catalogued in an easy to access format. With our accurate and up-do-date information, you’ll have the opportunity to know about the latest underwear for men just before it hits shelves.
The Underwear Expert‘s new arrivals page provides you with comprehensive information about the latest underwear for men. Our arrival announcements detailing the latest underwear for men include:

  • Price.
  • Fabric.
  • Sizes.
  • Cuts.
  • Colors.
  • Designs.

The information you’ll find about the latest underwear for men often includes conversations with the designers of the underwear themselves providing an unprecedented look at the design inspirations of the world’s leading underwear brands. By breaking down and cataloguing the information you want to know about the latest underwear for men, we make it easier for you to spend more time doing what’s important: wearing it.