Wear Hemp for Earth Day!

This Earth Day, why not celebrate the environment the American way and pack yourself up in some hemp underwear? Hemp, legalization activists are fond of reminding us, has a long and unimpeachably American pedigree — both Washington and Jefferson grew it on their farms, and drafts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were likely written on paper made of it.

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Eco-Friendly Underwear Picks

We highlighted some brands that have gone green and are now offering eco-friendly underwear, but if you haven’t made the switch by now there’s probably not much more we can say. Or maybe you just need a little more green guidance. So, because pictures are worth a thousand words, we present to you the best options […]

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Men’s Underwear Trends for The Modern Man

The Underwear Expert covers and reports on all of the men’s underwear trends you need to know about in men’s underwear. Buffeted by experienced industry executives, The Underwear Expert is the singular voice in hot men’s underwear trends.
Evolving men’s underwear trends and preferences to follow:

  • Design evolutions.
  • Construction advances.
  • Fabric innovations.
  • Style advances.
  • Changing consumer tastes.
  • Seasonal color prevalence.
  • Popularity of different styles.

The Underwear Expert takes underwear very seriously so you can spend less time worrying about what the hot men’s underwear trends are, and more time wearing them. Do you want to be the first to know what men’s underwear trends are in and what the hot men’s underwear of the day is? Be ahead of the game. Use our trend analysis and call-outs to gain an unprecedented view into the men’s underwear industry, the likes of which has never been available to consumers, until now. Our experience qualifies us as the only legitimate resource for both guys that want to be in the know and the savvy consumer. Check back often for all the hot men’s underwear information you need to be a men’s underwear trends know-it-all. After all, a good outfit always begins under your pants.