Jockstraps (also known as jock straps, athletic supporters, or jocks) were originally designed in the late 1800’s, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re a boring cut of underwear. Originally designed to provide a more comfortable ride for bicycle jockeys and other athletes, jockstraps lift the package away from the body enabling a wider spectrum of movement and optimum moisture absorption.

The Bike Jockey Strap was the first manufactured in America, but it was no less revealing than the underwear is today. Offering complete frontal support and protection, jockstraps completely lack rear
coverage. Two elastic strips are connected to the bottom of the pouch, and are affixed behind the left and right hips on the waistband, creating straps that sit under the glutes. This is to increase both
mobility and airflow and to make for an easy wear under tight sports apparel. The elastic waistband on jockstraps is traditionally wider than most styles of men’s underwear, and can be manufactured up to
3”. When worn for sports, some styles accommodate hard plastic cups.

The function of jockstraps hasn’t changed since their inception into men’s underwear styles, but the audience and number of variations certainly have. Jockstraps are increasingly worn not for package protection, but for fashion and are available in numerous colors and styles. For a similar fit, and moderately more coverage, the jock brief is an excellent alternative to jockstraps.