Cocksox Mood Ring: What’s Your Cocksox Mood?

24 is a great age to start telling people exactly what you mean and meaning exactly what you say. I was probably around that age when I figured that shit out. It’s been a great thing for me. Try it out with your BF and find out why the fuck he doesn’t want to spend as much time with you and why he won’t stay the night at your house. Just be direct; it’s well worth the effort and it’ll get easier every time.

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Things That Get Us PUMPED About PUMP! Underwear

PUMP! underwear is always consistent in supplying us with super stylish and functional underwear collections. It’s their highly innovative and uniquely designed items that makes them one of our favorite go-to brands. The first thing that always wins us over is their wide selection of bright and bold color choices. Each collection always features bright, […]

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Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a hybrid between boxer shorts and briefs, combining the length and roomier style as boxer shorts with the fit of a brief. The benefits of the boxer brief are in coverage and support; this style of underwear offers the coverage of a boxer brief, by falling below mid thigh, and the support of a brief, in the body-hugging fit.

A staple in many men’s underwear drawers, boxer briefs offer protection from chafing in tight pants, or during work-outs and sports. Often designed with a moderately high waist, boxer briefs often come up above the natural hip line, and fall below the belly button. Boxer briefs are often not as stylish as their underwear counterparts that provide less coverage. They’re often designed with athletic fabric treatments, and are produced with muted and masculine colors.

Consecrated by Marky Mark in the 1980’s as the man’s man’s underwear, boxer briefs are synonymous with athletics, bravado and style. If you’re looking for coverage, but don’t want underwear that covers ¾ of your thigh, definitely check out trunks, which offer the same amount of support, with only moderate coverage compared to boxer briefs.