Top 10 Moments in Underwear History

Underwear hasn’t been in the spotlight for as long as, say, Justin Bieber’s haircut, but it sure has earned its place in history. From celebrities showing more than they should to brushes with the law, the pair you put on this morning could be a result of a moment that changed the trajectory of human life as we know it.

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Ask The Expert: Crack Control

John from Milwaukee has constant wedgies and has tried everything from going commando to embracing the wedgie and just wearing thongs. Nothing seems to work, though, so he’s solicited our advice. Find out what we suggest for rogue wedgies in our first ever Ask The Expert column.

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Men’s Underwear Articles: The Industry’s Best

The Underwear Expert’s Expert Opinion section contains tons of interesting men’s underwear articles–the industry’s best. Our definitive articles answer all of your underwear questions and provide solutions to the problems you’ll most commonly find associated with men’s underwear. In our “Ask the Expert” series, for example, we provide men’s underwear articles that address concerns, problems and questions regarding men’s underwear. We also publish men’s underwear articles from leading industry designers and models that analyze the current state of the men’s underwear industry.
What’s the fun of underwear if you don’t actually feel confident and sexy in it? Another set of informative men’s underwear articles you’ll find in the Expert Opinion section address men’s lifestyle issues. Our men’s underwear articles featured lifestyle topics are comprehensive and all aim to help you look better in your underwear. You’ll find men’s underwear articles on:

  • Grooming.
  • Nutrition.
  • Sex.
  • Dating.
  • Style.
  • Fitness.
  • Travel.
  • …and more.

The Underwear Expert‘s most popular men’s underwear articles are our Underwear Trends posts. Here, we highlight a trend or innovation and showcase the best underwear that exemplifies it. This underwear often ties into the larger opinion pieces mentioned above.
Need an expert opinion? If you have an underwear issue that needs a solution, you could be featured in one of our next men’s underwear articles! Get in touch with us on our contact page, and let us know how we can help you—we are the experts, after all!