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Men's Swim Briefs

Finding the perfect swim brief doesn't have to be hard or take a long time. Our store carries some of the sexiest and sleekest men's swim briefs on the market.

The swim brief is also known as the racing brief because it was first worn for competitive water sports like diving and water polo. Because of the Australian brand's popularity, many people refer to them as speedos. Competitive swimmers wear them because they reduce the water's drag on the swimmer. Surfers and scuba divers often wear swim briefs as undergarments. While men's swim briefs have athletic purposes, many men wear them as casual beachwear. In Europe and South America, it is very common for men to wear swim briefs. 

If you are a brief kind of guy when it comes to underwear, then you may have the same preference when it comes to swimming! Just like their underwear counterparts, they are form-fitting and are often low-rise. The low-rise fit will lengthen your torso and accentuate your figure. If you like to show a little more leg by the pool or at the beach, then this is the style for you.