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Men's Grooming Products: Razors and More

When you look good, you feel good. It is as simple as that! Having a men's grooming kit is more important than ever. Let the experts help you build and elevate your routines. Men's grooming has become such a phenomenon, therefore, we've expanded our expertise and are here to share. That is why we now offer an array of the best products so you can build the perfect men's grooming kit to suit your needs. Our products will keep your skin feeling soft and supple, while keeping your tree trimmed.

History of Men's Grooming

To some, it may seem that men have just recently started to take self care more seriously. But it can be traced all the way back to ancient times. The men of ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire are all noted to have had self care practices. Aging men were know to have even died their hair in ancient Rome.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the church rose to power. Men's grooming was supposedly the "work of the devil". During this era we saw a pause in advancement in the industry. 

There was a major resurgence in the 1900s with the rise of Hollywood. Men wanted to emulate the clean cut style of the movie stars and began to take more of an interest in how they looked. With the birth of the term "metrosexual", men have felt more comfortable creating self care routines!