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Lubes: Men's Lubricant

The use of lube dates back thousands of years. The first manufactured lube was olive oil in Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was a very sex-positive culture and also was in support of homosexuality. Since men don't naturally produce lubricant, olive oil and other vegetable oils were the solution. Thus dawning the creation of lube! Other cultures, like Japan, chose mashed yams as a lubricant, while ancient China used an ingredient found in seaweed called carrageenan. Much later in the 1900s, lubricants with petroleum jelly hit the market for surgical aid. Because of its popularity for personal use, a non-surgical version was in stores by 1917. This was marketed for personal use but was available by only prescription until 1980.

In today's market, the use of lube is no longer taboo, and there are many different kinds with varying properties. With so many available, it is hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, our store carries some of the best available! With choices from some of the best brands like Pure for Men, our products will have you primed for pleasure. Whether you prefer a water base, silicone base, or even a natural base like coconut, we have something for you. Our lubes allow for easy application and minimal clean-up, giving you uninterrupted playtime! We believe that lubricant can not only make sex better but also makes it safer. Lubes reduce friction, lessening the risk of injury, making for an overall better experience. The experts want to ensure you are playing safely, so add some lube to your next order today!