Men's Long Underwear

Long underwear is a long-leg style to wear in cold weather. Colloquially known as long johns, it is named after the heavyweight boxer John L. Sullivan. They came about in 17th-century England but didn't become popular in North America until the 1900s when two Canadian brothers patented the design. We now carry selections of long underwear for men that include compression pants as well as long johns. 

Our store carries compression pants. Compression pants are perfect for your next pump at the gym. They promote blood flow to the muscles and improve oxygenation to your muscles. This can enhance your athletic performance and avoid injury. 

Shorter days call for long underwear. Our store carries long johns to help you stay warm during those bitter-cold winter months. So when there is a negative degree wind chill, you can chill knowing you can brave the cold with ease. Long johns help to trap heat when your jeans, dress pants, or even sweats don't cut it. Speaking of sweat, our long underwear for men can help wick sweat, so you don't get chilly or catch a cold. Make sure to add that extra layer and add a pair to your next order today. 

If you need something to enhance your gym experience or stay warm in those winter months, we have long underwear for every occasion.