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Garcon Model: Men's Jockstraps & Briefs

This Vancouver, British Columbia-based company is the love child of two French designers living in Canada. Garcon Model Underwear strives to dress the modern man. They know their customer is vibrant and stylish and want to reflect that in their collections. They understand that every man has different needs and wants their underwear to reflect their personality while supporting their busy life. The solution is a commitment to offering a diverse variety of looks. With performance and comfort at the forefront of every new design, this brand has everything the modern man could need in a pair of underwear. Garcon Model Underwear gained popularity with the launch of its Miami Collection. Using bright neons, bold prints, and also their signature logo turned heads across the globe and put them on the map.

An ethical company, this brand commits to responsibly sourcing materials as well as avoiding the use of harmful dyes. They also use as many sustainable methods as possible when it comes to the manufacturing of their products.

Garcon Model Underwear also offers swimwear and accessories. Perfect a day at the beach or want to be comfortable at the office. Whatever the need may be, Garcon Model has something for you!