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You know those underwear you get as a gift over the holidays and have to feign enthusiasm over, somewhat begrudgingly, as not to disappoint the person who gave them to you? Lucky for you, those pairs are a thing of the past ‘round here at Underwear Expert.

After all, underwear makes for a stellar gift. It’s as practical as a gift can get: chances are just about anyone you’re shopping for wears underwear, so he could pretty much always use new underwear. On top of that, it’s a gift that’s entirely personalizable depending on the style of the guy you’re shopping for and your relationship to him. 

Shopping for your gym rat of a brother? There’s a stretchy, high-performance boxer brief with his name on it. Shopping for your boyfriend? There’s a sexy, flattering brief or even thong that will be as much a gift for him as it will be for you. Shopping for the beach-goer who practically lives in a swim brief? We’ve got him covered, and just as minimally as he likes.

There’s a whole world of men’s underwear out there, and for just about every moment and purpose you can think of. So, without further ado, dig into our guide to holiday-ready undies for you and yours.

Project Claude Boys Swim Brief in Yellow

Need that bad boy to do you right on a Friday? And need that good one to wake you up on a Sunday? Let ‘em know you’re busy thinking about boys in the Project Claude Boys Swim Brief in Yellow. (No, it’s not pine-tree green, but that neon yellow is straddling the line close enough to make the holiday-edit cut.)

Also available in pink, this brief is made of polyester and elastane, so he can swim and stretch as he pleases. A plus about this pair is that the drawstrings are on the inside, so you get sleek and smooth on the outside.

Cellblock13 Tight End Jockstrap in Lime Green

You know how they say good things come in small packages? Well, the only place you’ll wanna be is underneath his Christmas tree when he’s wearing the Cellblock13 Tight End Jockstrap in Lime Green. What’s not to love?

You’ll know Cellblock 13 if you’re an Underwear Expert regular. We keep coming back for more because they deliver on that classic, old-school cut and feel with colors that weren’t around back when gymtime jockstraps were all the rage (I mean, unless your dad was able to get a hold of a hot pink jockstrap back then, in which case, call me). 

Available in both red and green, this jock has got a beefy waistband and a mid-rise cut that’s bound to flatter. Nylon, cotton, and Spandex make for a stretchy, comfortable experience that also happens to do wonders for your ass. These jocks make for perfect stocking stuffers, and if you buy ‘em in red or green, he’s likely to remember the holiday spirit in which he got ‘em for years to come.

Muchachomalo Solid Brief in Red

Has he been a bad, bad boy this year? Make him pay for it when you put the Muchachomalo Solid Brief in Red on his naughty list. We love the Muchachomalo’s bad-boy branding and the supportive punch on this one, but an honorable mention goes out to the intrigue given by the barbed-wire-esque zig-zags on the waistband. 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane, the softness-to-stretch ratio on this brief just can’t be beat. If red’s a bit too bold for him, this brief is also available in black and two shades of blue. (Then again, maybe this gift is what tempts him out of his shell? Report back, please.)

Code 22 Naval Brief

Here’s a color you don’t see every day: pesto. Remind him of his favorite European pine nut-based sauce in the Code 22 Naval Brief, reporting for duty with a polyester-elastane blend. We love the look of this brief, for starters, but what really sells it is the pouch: the tiny perforations mean maximum airflow, all while having the support of a pouch that keeps your manhood in place. Also worth noting here is the fit, which sits below your natural waistline and tends to flatter the body. Because this one breathes so easy, this brief is a perfect gym buddy, too.

Underwear Expert Essentials Trunk in Kent Green

Thick thighs save lives. Whether or not he’s got ‘em (but especially if he does), he’s bound to go for the Underwear Expert Essentials Trunk in Kent Green. If he’s not so big on doing any of his own underwear shopping, chances are he might only have simple blacks and whites in his wardrobe. If that’s true of him, the color on this pair will be the subtle pop of color (and holiday cheer) he’s missing.

Designed in Brooklyn, this cotton-modal brief is as minimalist as they come – built to last with a high level of comfort and a good amount of stretch, thanks to our blend of elastics. They’re antibacterial and breathable, which makes ‘em great for the guy on the go or the guy who has a tendency to sweat up a storm, and custom-designed to keep your privates cushioned and in place. No itchy tag to be found, either, so your giftee has got nothing but smooth sailing ahead down there.

Hom Freddy Thong in Red

It’s the holidays! Loosen up a little in the Hom Freddy Thong in Red. This cotton-elastane thong is also available in black and blue, but nothing hits quite like red now, does it?

If he’s new to the thong game, this is a quality pair to introduce him with. Cut to flatter his natural curves and sitting just below his waistline, the gentle slopes of this minimalist thong will accentuate his member and his assets. Once again, a sexy gift for him is a sexy gift for you, and you’ve been good this year! Treat yourself to a nice view (and, oh yeah, him too).

Barcode Berlin Colin Harness in Green

“The Holiday Harness” sounds more like a Hallmark movie coming in 2023 than a gift, but rest assured that it’s one any club-goer is likely to squeal in delight over. Get him the gift of looking oh-so sexy in the Barcode Berlin Colin Harness in Green.

Why buy a green harness? Well, if you’re into harnesses, chances are you’ve got a black one, a white one, and maybe a neon yellow one. Green, though, is less likely to be in his wardrobe and, thus, more likely to be a good gift. We’ve taken this one for a spin quite a few times, and know that it’s built to last. Like any harness, it should be cared for at home with a hand-wash, then air-drying, so it stays in mint condition despite the sweat of a hot night out. Because this gift represents a relatively tiny amount of fabric, this gift is also a primo stocking stuffer.

ES Collection Stretchy Cotton Thong in Camouflage

Reporting for duty, the ES Collection Stretchy Cotton Thong in Camouflage will command his soldier the attention he deserves. 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane, this thong makes our holiday gift guide because it’s far from your run-of-the-mill gift. We love the look and feel of the waistband on this one – that olive color is a winner – plus the way that the G-string sits in all the right places. Wear for a sexy night in, underneath your clothes on a night you want to get lucky (so, every day), or just about any time you want a confidence boost.

Happy Nuts The Ballber

A ball-trimmer as a holiday gift? Not as out there as it sounds!

Every man should have a dedicated razor when it comes to keeping his family jewels tidy, and yes, for sanitary reasons, it should be a different razor than the one he uses on his face. What we love about this razor in particular is that it makes those typical nicks and cuts a thing of the past with a dual-sided razor. Plus, it’s got actual balls and “The Ballber” written on it, so you’ll never get it confused for another razor again. Easy!


Giving the gift of underwear is a sexy, yet practical way to get on his good list next year, and there are tons of options to choose from. When you’re shopping online, you want to pay real attention to what a pair is made of and if that material suits your giftee’s lifestyle. We’ll always go to bat for red and green gifts when it comes to the holidays, but if your giftee is crazy about another color, follow your instincts: it’s the thought that counts.

In the market for more red-hot underwear? Our subscription service takes all the guesswork out of crafting an underwear collection he’ll love. Choose from a wide array of popular brands, styles, materials, and colors, curated with his style sensibilities in mind. Tell us what he wants and when you want to give it, and we’ll send ‘em along straight to his door. Happy holidays!

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November 02, 2022 — MICHAEL KLEINMANN

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