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Underwear Fashion News from the Experts
The Underwear Expert is the ultimate online destination for the underwear fashion news that matters most. By lending a singular and legitimate voice to the men’s underwear industry, we’ve secured our place as the most trusted source for the male underwear news that’s important to you.

The Underwear Expert features tons of news items in our underwear fashion news section including:

Celebrity underwear news.
Underwear brand news.
Exclusive announcements.
Behind the scenes reporting.
Model casting news.
Campaign announcements.
Male underwear news.
Industry happenings.
…and more.

The Underwear Expert‘s underwear fashion news reporting is by far the most topical and comprehensive in the industry. Presented with experience, knowledge, wit and accuracy, our male underwear news is both entertaining and informative–dedicated to making sure you’re in the know. As the leading source for the latest men’s underwear fashion news, The Underwear Expert gives you an exclusive look at trending stories. You’ll also read about who’s wearing what, who’s talking about it, and what the brands you care about most are up to. We stay up to date on the underwear fashion news that matters most enabling us to: forecast trends, analyze designs and spotlight trending stories. With our male underwear news, you’ll be an underwear expert in no time.