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Andrew Christian Newlyweds Get Naked

Andrew Christian Newlyweds

Andrew Christian Newlyweds, Pablo Hernandez and Drae Axtell strip down in ACTV’s play on the classic game show, The Newlywed Game. Find out how they did!

Quench Your Thirst: Andrew Christian Liquid Dreams

Andrew Christian Liquid Dreams

Andrew Christian Liquid Dreams is the latest video campaign from the infamous underwear brand. The video features our favorite AC models totally drenched!

It’s Back! Take a Look At the Andrew Christian Urban Dictionary Challenge 2

Love Blackspade's Mood 2

Join in the fun! The Andrew Christian Urban Dictionary Challenge 2 features new terms that these hot and sexy Andrew Christian models have to try to define.

Underwear Models On Instagram, At Gay Pride 2015

Joe Snyder Bulge Capri

Who can do Gay Pride 2015 better than underwear models? We always catch them in little-to-no clothing, and always with a body that’s made to be exposed.

Andrew Christian “Glitter” Gets Everywhere

The Andrew Christian “Glitter” video is a no nonsense, sexy promo. Maybe the Andrew Christian guys had too much fun filming “Twerk 101” and “Ab-Stract.”

BTS: The Andrew Christian “Glitter” Campaign

Glitter can be like a drug. And if you still haven’t taken a few minutes to watch the Andrew Christian “Glitter” campaign, you’re truly living in the dark.

Andrew Christian Twerk 101, Professor Pablo’s Got A Paddle

Andrew Christian Twerk 101

Pablo Hernandez would definitely get a pepper for Andrew Christian Twerk 101. He teaches some fellow models, and it’s clear he’s passionate about the class.

Pablo’s Banana & More Underwear Model Instagram Pics

Neymar Jr. With Lupo

The male underwear models of the world were busy this week. Halfway through the first month of the year, these men are keeping up with their social media.

#WIMBERNINJA & More Underwear Model News

Marco Marco Campaign

Things got sketchy this week in underwear model news. Not in the way you expect. We’re referring to #WIMBERNINJA, and a bubbly illustration of Colby Melvin.

Andrew Christian Models Strip, Body Paint In “Ab-Stract”

Andrew Christian models get all kind of dirty in the “Ab-Stract” vid. They play a sexy version of Twister, and start out by painting their exposed bodies.