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Pretty In Pink: Fall’s Best Pink Underwear

BodyAware Soft Rayon

While pink arguably may not be seen as the most masculine of colors, we at The Underwear Expert would like to change that mind-set. Whether it’s more of a “salmon” you’re into, or if a bold fuchsia is more your speed, this color and trend are here to stay, so we have selected fall’s best pink underwear to incorporate one of our […]

BTS Marco Marco F*KN SIRIUS Show

Anyone who caught the Part 2 of F*KN SIRIUS at LA Style Fashion Week knows how innovative it was, and we went BTS Marco Marco F*KN SIRIUS Show for you.

High-Pitched Performance: Andrew Christian’s Helium Workout Tips

The Andrew Christian Helium Workout Tips these models give us target your upper body and core. But that main thing this video works out is your funny bone.

Underwear Models On Instagram, At Gay Pride 2015

Joe Snyder Bulge Capri

Who can do Gay Pride 2015 better than underwear models? We always catch them in little-to-no clothing, and always with a body that’s made to be exposed.

Behind Andrew Christian’s Fashion Week Runway

Fashion Week

Ever wonder what happens on the other end of a runway? This clip takes you behind the scenes of Andrew Christian’s runway show from LA Fashion Week 2015.

Teased By Andrew Christian “Bubble Porn”

Andrew Christian "Bubble Porn" - The Underwear Expert

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Andrew Christian “Bubble Porn” campaign. Don’t let the name fool you, the video is surprisingly tame.

Andrew Christian “Glitter” Gets Everywhere

The Andrew Christian “Glitter” video is a no nonsense, sexy promo. Maybe the Andrew Christian guys had too much fun filming “Twerk 101” and “Ab-Stract.”

BTS: The Andrew Christian “Glitter” Campaign

Glitter can be like a drug. And if you still haven’t taken a few minutes to watch the Andrew Christian “Glitter” campaign, you’re truly living in the dark.