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Colby Melvin
Colby Melvin is a model based in Los Angeles who is best known for his work for Andrew Christian. Colby Melvin graduated from college in Mobile Alabama and began working in the Oil industry. He moved up to a major management postion following the gulf oil spill in 2010, where he was charged with helping to clean up the coast. When his supervisor found out he was gay, however, Colby Melvin was forced to leave his job after being the target of corporate bullying.

Colby Melvin left his job, came out to his family and began working towards his dream of becoming an instrumental figure in the gay community. He was first discovered at a pool party by designers from Bayou Beau, a Texas underwear brand. His work with Bayou Beau caught the attention of Andrew Christian. He has become extremely popular among Andrew Christian fans as one of the top spokesmodels of the brand. Colby Melvin has appeared in many videos including A Brief Romance, Jockstrap Cowboys, Andrew Christian’s Road Trip, and Andrew Christian’s Date Night.

In addition to his work with Andrew Christian, Colby Melvin has also done several exclusive photo shoots for The Underwear Expert. He, along with fellow Andrew Christian model Cory Frederick, got splattered with paint and photographed by Gabriel Gastelum for widely popular editorial. Colby Melvin even traveled for the first time to New York where he posed in front of major city landmarks for The Underwear Expert. Thanks to his fast rise to popularity and his success in 2012, Colby Melvin was named The Underwear Expert’s 2012 Model of the Year.

Colby Melvin continues to follow his dream to help various causes that are important to him and the gay community as a whole. Issues such as marriage equality and standing up to bullying are close to his heart.

Some details on Colby Melvin include:
Height: 5′ 8″
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 150 lb
Shoe Size: 9