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Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown is an Andrew Christian model who broke out as a huge star in 2012. The 27 year old model got into the industry later than most of his pals on the Andrew Christian squad, having worked in mortgage and culinary arts before banking on his looks. Despite his success, Brandon Brown is still a down-to-earth guy. He continues to run his parent’s contracting company while he  furthers his increasingly promising underwear modeling career.

In addition to posing in Andrew Christian’s butt lifting jock straps, Brandon Brown has also received attention for his well-publicized relationship with fellow model Colby Melvin. Colby and Brandon Brown (now nicknamed Colbrandon) have starred together in two Andrew Christian Date videos. He has also been part of videos like “Jockstrap Cowboys,” “Lick” and “Road Trip” Parts one and two.

Brandon Brown has been photographed by many artists including Gabriel Gastelum and Paul Boulon. The latter shot the model’s gallery for DNA Magazine, in which the tall, blond Brown strips for the popular Australian gay magazine. Brown, who is of German and Spanish descent, knows how to flash his big blue eyes at the camera in just the right way to keep the viewer’s attention.

2012 may be his first year in the modeling industry, but Brandon Brown has quickly found his niche. Whether he’s fellow Andrew Christian models or posing for best selling magazines, Brandon Brown always leaves us wanting just a little bit more.

Some details on Brandon Brown include:

Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 175lb
Waist: 31″
Eye color: blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian (German/Spanish descent)
Shoe size: 10