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More About Vanwolff
Based in Los Angeles, Vanwolff is a men’s underwear and swimwear brand named after Vancouver, the native city of the brand’s creative designer and co-founder, and the predatory imagery of a wolf. The brand’s co-founders, Canadian designer Andrew Maxin and his partner, Mark Waier, launched the brand in 2012 in order to provide swimwear and underwear that combines a masculine and predatory design theme, and a desire to be different.

The pair hosted a fashion show in August 2012 in West Hollywood, CA to showcase their new swimwear range, Prey. Inspired by the complex beauty of skeletal forms, the brand’s premium line, Prey, offers unique designs utilizing images such as a seahorse, piranha and serpent. The images are embedded into the fabric and are engineered with the four-way stretch of the fabric, size and placement of graphics. The swimsuit material is made from a high-end polyester and spandex blend that is fade-resistant. All pieces have lining through the entire suit for maximum coverage.

The brand’s Essentials swimwear range emphasizes clean lines and simple colors such as red, blue and white. The collection includes a basic brief and trunk with unique cording that features creative designs and captions such as “I Promise To Behave This Summer” and “Looking for Trouble.” This range is also made from a polyester and spandex blend.

Feeling an overall lack of fun and unique designs in the general swimwear industry, Maxin and Waier, a former Ford model, were inspired to launch Vanwolff. After conceiving the design of Vanwolff Swimwear range, Maxin wore a few samples during an all-inclusive Atlantis cruise in January 2012 and received positive feedback from fellow travelers. Vanwolff launches its first underwear collection in Spring 2013.