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More About Undz
Founded in Montreal in 2010, Undz is a men’s underwear brand that tackles the market of colorful, quality threads mixing in a youthful inspired design. The brand offers limited edition collections from international artist collaborations and the promise of sustainable business ethics. Bertrand Dore, owner of Undz, set out to create Undz with the hope of changing the way people around the world perceive underwear.

Undz offers affordable choices with a mix and match selection of styles, cuts and playful packaging. The brand aims to please with its “less is more” cost perspective. Undz offers two basic styles: briefs and boxer briefs retailed between $6-$10. The underwear line is presented in bold colors such as apple green, yellow, light blue and red. The brand also offers playful prints of comic book prints or other zany graphics. To ensure color quality and size control, the products are washed again and again. Undz also offers a limited edition T-shirt line with original prints.

For long lasting comfort and eco friendly benefits, Undz uses 100% certified organic cotton for all of its products. “Industrialization has left our planet polluted, stripped of resources, and in need of a vital change,” according to the brand. “While recycling, eating organic and encouraging fair trade is beginning to prevail through mainstream popularity, within the fashion industry, sustainability has yet to become standardized.”

Undz offers its own unique concept for packaging. Single items are packaged in boxes that mimic the appearance of a lunch bag, Chinese takeout, BBQ bag and meat pack in striking colors.

To boost its visibility, Undz presents a playful marketing campaign. The brand rolled out a series of vending machines in high-traffic locations throughout Canada and the United States that distributes its underwear.