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More About Ubatuba
For men who like to walk around the house in their boxer shorts, Ubatuba offers a collection of boxer shorts created to keep up with the changing lifestyles of North American men. Brian Alessi, a South Carolina high school biology teacher, founded the company several years ago. His mission is to prevent embarrassing fallouts that occur from standard boxer shorts.

Alessi became convinced of the need for redesigned boxer shorts as a child after watching his father, a dentist, walk around the house for years clad only in his underwear. Like his father, many men just simply twist the top of the waistband to the right to help prevent fallout but that does not work very well and is uncomfortable.

Alessi decided to make a mission out of his theory and design boxers that prevent this fallout and even took his re-design of the boxer brief two steps further. Ubatuba Boxer Shorts features an off-centered fly. Plus, his brand moves the opening of the boxer shorts an inch to the right.

Ubatuba Boxer Shorts feature a patented off-center fly and embroidered alignment. Add in a three piece back to help prevent wedgies, a small inside tissue/condom pocket and a directions tag and this brand offers an innovative pair of men’s boxer shorts.

Another problem with the typical men’s boxer shorts that some manufacturers don’t address is the small wet spot that often appears on the front of the trousers after a trip to the restroom. Ubatuba Boxer Shorts attempts to solve this problem with a three-panel front that will help prevent any trouser wet spot.

The Ubatuba Boxer Shorts are offered in four basic colors: white, blue, black and beige.