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More About Tommy Hilton
Bringing a breath of fresh air to the underwear industry, Tommy Hilton seeks to provide men ages 18 through 45 with classic styles and contemporary comfort in sophisticated underwear. Offering reasonable prices and an exciting range of new products, the United Kingdom-based Tommy Hilton aims to appeal to men within that age group.

Tommy Hilton ensures breathable comfort using soft organic cotton fabric. Traditional cotton blends remain a popular option for those who prefer an authentic cotton feel. Each pair comes with an elastic waistband — further enhancing the underwear’s comfort by maintaining a strong hold.

Trunks, boxer shorts, boxers and briefs are the styles Tommy Hilton currently offers. The brand also has plans to further expand and include all other underwear styles in the upcoming future. Tommy Hilton offers a variety of cuts including extra low-rise boxer briefs and low-rise boxer shorts, which are the brand’s highest selling products. Offering a range of tones, Tommy Hilton provides a color for everyone. Vibrant hues as well as sleek neutrals are all available. Underwear waistbands also feature the brand’s name woven into them.

Originating in 2011 in Yorkshire, UK, Tommy Hilton was founded by Tommy himself who also acts as the brand’s creative director. Committing to having a wide range, the brand releases new products and collections two to three times per year. Tommy Hilton also openly receives feedback from their customers in an effort to improve and move forward. Today, the company is still headquartered in Yorkshire and continues to grow and increase its range.