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More About Sunspel Underwear
Since 1860, Sunspel has crafted luxury clothing, and they continue to do so today. A number of their garments have achieved icon status in the fashion world, and the entire line oozes class. Besides being a designer of timeless clothing, Sunspel Underwear has been one of the biggest names in men’s undergarments since they introduced the boxer short to Great Britain in 1947, and Sunspel Underwear continue to produce the highest quality 100% cotton apparel.

Being in business through three centuries means that Sunspel had ample time to hew as close to perfection as possible, and Sunspel Underwear is the evidence. Available in basic but undeniably attractive colors and simple patterns, Sunspel Underwear makes the undergarments that you fill your drawer with and reach for everyday. Sea Island Cotton, said to be the finest cotton in the world, and Superfine Egyptian are the base materials for Sunspel Underwear, and it is this fundamental attention to detail that results in the most luxurious, well-crafted apparel in the world. If you’re looking to look and feel as good as possible, Sunspel Underwear is a foolproof choice. Sunspel Underwear caters to the modern gentleman in every man. Try Sunspel Underwear today.