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More About Stanfield’s
A truly historic brand, Stanfields began as a woolen mill in mid-19th century Nova Scotia, Canada. Around the fin-de-siècle, original founder Charles E. Stanfield passed the company down to his two sons, John and Frank, who in turn shifted the woolen mills that crafted nearly anything imaginable to a specialized knitting mill. The big moment for Stanfields Underwear came with the Klondike Gold Rush, wherein the prospectors and miners “could find no substitute for the warm, heavy, woolen underwear.” Stanfields Underwear progressed through the 20th century, nimbly staying ahead of consumer needs, profiting, and growing through the Great Wars.

Today, Stanfields Underwear is an industry standard that also manages to stay current and avoid antiquation. Even though Stanfields Underwear began as a wool manufacturing plant, Stanfields Underwear long ago added cotton, polyester and all other modern fabrics to their repertoire, and, as such, now craft high-quality and performance briefs in addition to their woolen and thermal stalwarts. There’s no reason not to try Stanfields Underwear today.