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More about Soleone

With the effects of climate change becoming more evident and environmental issues are becoming harder to avoid, Soleone commits to providing comfortable, stylish underwear that is also eco-friendly. The brand’s underwear line is offered for those who value true comfort and are tired of the woes of cotton. Soleone consumers also get style points for the underwear’s daring cuts and great fits.

The brand only uses bamboo fibers in their collection, which also offers shirts, hoodies, and lounge pants as well as underwear for men and women. Soleone sticks to the classic look of basic black or white boxer briefs, which are available in slim or low-rise cuts. Both styles feature soft Bamboo fabric and elastic waistbands to maximize comfort and fit.

The fabric is also biodegradable and bamboo can grow up to 100 centimeters per day resulting in a sustainable material without any negative environmental outcomes. Of course, biodegradable doesn’t automatically translate to delicate. Soleone products are durable and built to offer comfort for days to come.

In an interview with The Underwear Expert, one of the two founders of Soleone, Romeao Jahroudi, spoke about the perks of bamboo fabric. Using fabric that keeps moisture out and controls temperature, Soleone provides a different type of comfort. Bamboo fabric even has odor and wrinkle-fighting properties ensuring that Soleone underwear stays clean and in place. Jahroudi discovered the magic of Bamboo on a sourcing trip. He later partnered with Naz Bhayani to present the Soleone luxurious feel.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Soleone expects to launch a full campaign and expand into North America, the UK and Europe within the next two years.