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More About Sly Underwear
Sly is an Australian-based men’s underwear brand that embodies the country’s flamboyant and progressive youth culture in its designs. Sly Underwear draws its fun, quirky and edgy design inspirations from Australia’s most beautiful beaches, the surf, and a powerful youth culture, attempting to embody the Gold Coast lifestyle.

Dan Murray, who noticed a gap in the men’s underwear market between high priced designer underwear and bland men’s underwear products, founded sly Underwear in 2009. Murray began selling his first line, which featured hip, bold prints from the back of his van. Today, the company has grown into a popular Australian men’s underwear brand sold to more than 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand in Europe and North America.

The allure of the brand lies in its colorful energy and popular street-infused styles. Sly Underwear employs young designers and partners with local artists to bring the best of the country’s street culture and the tattoo world into the brand’s men’s underwear prints. The company offers three moderately priced styles: briefs, boxer briefs and long boxer briefs.

In addition to providing youthful prints, Sly Underwear offers comfortable cuts and feel-good fabrics making its range stylish yet practical. The collection is made from a stretch cotton fabric that is highly durable and comfortable. Plus, Sly Underwear provides leg elastic waistbands that are engineered to prevent riding up, tagless labels on the waistband and adequate room and support in the contour pouch. The brand has created several unique design features to its line that include a convenient, built-in pocket for storing small objects.

Sly Underwear markets its brand to a lifestyle inspired customer in the company’s marketing and video campaigns that are made in Australia.