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More About Skivvies Underwear
Based in Dallas, Texas, Skivvies Underwear presents a vast array of cuts, colors and fabrics that challenge the traditional conception of skivvies. Presenting daring designs and contemporary low-rise fits, Skivvies Underwear attempts to offer consumers something out of the ordinary.

Skivvies Underwear releases new products biannually and their variety of styles includes trunks, boxer briefs, briefs, jock straps, thongs and more unique fetish pieces. These new products strive to add diversity to the brand’s line of underwear for men. T-shirts, jeans and other accessories are also offered. Skivvies Underwear uses fabrics that range from microfibers such as rayon, nylon and spandex to natural 100% cotton.

Over a decade ago, Skivvies Underwear began as an extension of the Out Lines men’s fashion store. Creator of the Skivvies Underwear brand, David Richardson, began the store in 2001 and the brand in 2011.  Ten years of experience in the underwear business gave Richardson the knowledge to devise original cuts, colors and fabrics that he wanted to include in his very own brand. The result was Skivvies Underwear brand, which was originally marketed toward gay men but has since grown in popularity among heterosexual men.

Collection titles and themes for Skivvies Underwear are influenced by the origin of the brand name. For example, the Skivvies Batallion trunks derive from the military association that the word historically entails.