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More About Skiny Underwear
Skiny Underwear is an Austrian bodywear brand that makes affordable, trendy, and, above all, top-quality undergarments. Skiny Underwear is sold all over the world and, as such, has a certain global style to it, evidenced by the “Skiny loves Brazil” styles for both men and women in the Spring/Summer 2014 line, which celebrate the World Cup that will take place in Brazil in Summer 2014.

Skiny Men, just one half of the Skiny Underwear line, offers a collection of eye-catching colors and patterns that pair well with the typically elegant fits of the underwear. In addition to various colorways and patterns, Skiny Men comes in comfortable 100% cotton styles as well as a slew of blends intended for higher performance contexts. Whether you are looking for basic briefs to wear everyday, or a splash of color to impress and undress, Skiny Underwear is an active gentleman’s choice.