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More About Shreddies Underwear
Launched in 2008, Shreddies Underwear fills a niche market that may have seemed superfluous, or at least until designer Paul O’Leary brought these to the market. Dubbed Flatulence Filtering Underwear, these innovative undergarments give those who struggle with flatulence a solution as simple as slipping on a pair of Shreddies Underwear in the morning.

Crafted using Zorflex activated carbon cloth, a material also used in chemical warfare applications, Shreddies Underwear provide not only the comfort and security expected from a premium undergarment, but also the added comfort of protection against embarrassing flatulence. The design has been recognized by numerous publications for its innovation, and Shreddies Underwear is now sold all over the world. What’s more, Shreddies Underwear comes in many different colors and styles, so one does not need to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. Revolutionary and smart, Shreddies Underwear is a simple solution to your needs.