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More About SHAN
SHAN swimwear is a Canadian line whose parent company, SHAN, produces, along with undergarments and other accessories of the highest quality and craftsmanship. SHAN was founded in 1985 by Chantal Levesque and quickly garnered attention and respect throughout the Canadian fashion world. From there, the company expanded from SHAN Swimwear for women to include men’s swimwear and underwear. Now sold in the top fashion purveyors worldwide, SHAN swimwear oozes timeless elegance.

Although the company initially dealt exclusively in women’s swimwear, they have since ventured into the men’s market, and SHAN underwear for men has achieved a similar status. The brand always emphasizes quality and luxury over trends, and this much is clear from a look at the SHAN swimwear and SHAN underwear: clean lines, rich colors, and the highest quality materials make wearing SHAN swimwear — or anything from the label, for that matter, a luxurious experience.